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Our dear customer

Please note that prices listed here are the costs exclusively for woman's waxing treatments. For all body parts we use a traditional cartridge wax, except for intimate areas for which we use sugar resin. At an additional cost you do have the chance to ask for sugar waxing on other body parts too. (In case you have booked your appointment online and payed the beforehand via credit card, you must pay the difference at the reception.)
If you are a man this price-list is not valid for you.
For our complete price-list please visit our website ( or our facebook page ( – find pricing in the gallery), where men and woman prices as well as prices for traditional cartridge resin or sugar wax is detailed.

Appointment changes, cancellations:
If you are unable to attend your appointment for your waxing treatment, please make sure to change the date and time of your treatment at least 48 before your original appointment. You will find the link to do so in the confirmation email you received after your booking. Please note that the system only allows you to change your appointment once.

Please make sure to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. In case you are running late we are unable to hold your original appointment since we might have to take care of our other customers to avoid delays. If you've already payed your waxing treatment previously via credit card, but you are running late, don't worry, you will not lose your money, you just might have to wait until one of our colleagues can serve you.
Although in case you do not change or cancel your appointment and you do not show up at all on the day of your appointment, then we are sadly not able to make your treatment on an other day or to refund your money. (In other words, if you are late, but you jump in on the same day, then our colleagues will squeeze you in, but if you do not come at all we are not able to help.)

Thank you for choosing us, looking forward to see you soon!

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